Steak House Menu

Wanna have a juicy steak at 1 a.m.?  We proudly boast Chicago’s finest late-night kitchen.  Enjoy a premium steak house menu until 4 a.m. daily.  Chicago is full of great places to grab a steak. However, The Gold Room is the only place you can get a USDA Prime Cut steak after midnight. Only minutes from Rosemont and O’hare Airport, The Gold Room is the obvious choice for late night dining.


Classic Burger

An 8-ounce patty of the finest beef, this burger is a hedonistic journey with every bite, stacked with premium toppings.

lemon chicken and grilled veggies

A roasted chicken breast, basking in a glossy, lemon-infused butter sauce, each bite promises a succulent melody of flavors, garnished with charred lemon to add a smoky zest.

new york strip steak with mash and broccoli

A robust 16-ounce New York Strip steak, this culinary legend boasts a rich marbling and an urban flair, flame-kissed and seasoned to elevate your senses.

8 oz filet steak

Command the table with our 8-ounce filet mignon, the epitome of steakhouse mastery. Charred on the outside, succulent within, this prime cut of beef stands unrivaled in tenderness and taste. An authoritative choice for those who demand the very best.


Basket of Fries

Thick-cut steak fries, fried to a golden crisp, dusted with our signature seasoning, they are a crispy, indulgent pleasure.

asparagus stalks

Asparagus spears, seared to a tender crisp, gilded with a whisper of olive oil and a sprinkle of sea salt, this side is a tribute to simplicity and sophistication.

lemon chicken and grilled veggies

An assortment of garden-fresh vegetables, expertly grilled to enhance their natural sweetness, they are the perfect ode to the earth’s bounty.


Fresh, vibrant florets are lightly steamed to preserve their crunch and natural essence, then seasoned to perfection—a noble companion to any dish.

Mashed Potatoes

Surrender to the creamy delight of our Mashed Potatoes. Whipped to a silken texture and enriched with butter and cream, these potatoes are the plush cushion to our stellar entrées.

baked potato

Huge baked potato salted to perfection, served with butter and sour cream.

Soup & Salad

avocado salad

ender avocado slices gently cradle ripe tomatoes on a plush bed of crisp greens, adorned with a drizzle of our house dressing—an invigorating beginning to the night.